RV Park Rates

25 Premium Pull Thru’s

  • DSL modem/Secure Internet Wi-Fi
  • Cable box ready for you
  • Garbage service
  • Large site
  • Daily $58.00 + tax Includes Electric
  • Weekly $344.00 + tax Includes Electric
  • Monthly $853.00 plus Electric
  • Prorated week $196.00 plus Electric
  • Prorated daily $28.00 plus Electric

Please arrive at least 1 hour before sunset.
Sorry, no parking after sunset.

Rates 2022-2023

Interval Rate
Daily $54.00 Plus Tax includes Electric
Weekly $317.00 Plus Tax includes Electric
Monthly $557.00-$743.00 Plus Electric
2 Months $1094.00-$1458.00 Plus Electric
3 Months $1500.00-$1999.00 Plus Electric
4 Months $1999.00-$2667.00 Plus Electric
5 Months $2188.00-$2912.00 Plus Electric
Yearly $2799.00-$3732.00 Plus Electric
Daily $30.00
Multiple Days, Weekly, Monthly $50.00
Two Months $100.00
Three-Five Months $150.00
Annual $200.00
*Deposit Charged At Time of Reservation

We will accept one form of payment per transaction: cash, check (US funds preprinted if
Canadian Check) or credit card. When using a Credit Card, there will be a 3% surcharge on charges of $1500 or more.
Cancellations require a 30-day written notice to receive a refund and will be subject to a $30 processing fee. No refund for cancellations less than 30 days prior to arrival. Requests to shorten any length of stay
after the 30-day grace period will result in a Change fee of $30. Changes to your reservation arrival date require two weeks prior written notice (if not, you will be charged from the original date). At the time of scheduled arrival, the balance of rent is due for all stays. Past due accounts are subject to a $35 late fee
after 10 days and $5 per day thereafter until paid in full.

If you expect to arrive later than your reserved date,
Please contact us and make payment arrangements to avoid late fees.
Del Pueblo will do its best, but cannot guarantee, site preference except for Annuals.
No refunds can be given for early departure after arrival.

  • Primary resident must be 55 years of age or older
  • RVs must be a minimum of 21 feet in length. No pop-ups, truck campers, or converted vans. If
    RV is older than 10 years, it must be in good condition and have management’s approval.
  • Wi-Fi and cable television is included
  • Electricity is 20 cents/kw
  • 30 days = 1 month; 90 days = 3 months; 150 days = 5 months
  • One RV and two vehicles allowed per site
  • Limit of two pets per site
  • No screen rooms, pop up tents or wind walls